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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
The NHS is on a digital transformation journey. Our online digital education service provides everyone across the NHS with an introduction to the digital 'fundamentals' to enable everyone to engage in this journey.
Overview of Innovation:
DEfactoEd is an online digital education company founded in 2017 by former Big4 Consulting Partners, Commercial leaders and Digital academics to provide people with a highly engaging and structured introduction to digital.

Digital technologies are advancing at a rate far faster than the capabilities of people to adapt; in many organisations this is impeding the pace at which the benefits and risks of the new technologies can be delivered. Our online programmes address this critical capability gap.

Our programmes have been succesfully deployed into major corporates and other institutions and are now being made available for the NHS workforce. We intend to offer 3 core online programmes :

1. Digital Leadership (for Clinical and NonClinical leaders) addressing:
  • Digital disruption (what's happening, where are things going?)
  • Digital opportunities and risks
  • Core digital technologies and NHS application
  • Leadership in a digital organisation
  • Transforming to digital
  • Ethics - impact of AI
  • Data - practical insights
  • Cyber - the Human Firewall
2. Digital Essentials (for NHS Digital Champions addressing a subset of the modules above)
3. Digital Awareness (for all other NHS Staff to provide the wider workforce with an abbreviated introduction to the concepts of digital).

Our programmes have been designed to appeal to modern learning styles; they are modular, multi-media (include videos, games etc, ebooks, etc) and available on all devices, 24/7. People will be able to fit this learning around their personal schedules rather than take time out from their busy daily routines.

Our release plan is as follows:
  1. Pilot phase (Q3 2019) - pilots are in progress with UK Trust hospitals. Pilot involves inviting c50 Leaders and Staff from selected CSU's/Support Functions to engage in an 'Innovation Sprint' to complete the course and apply the learning to develop 'Ideas' on digital adoption in the Pilot sites. This will deliver immediate operational benefits and shift the teams toward 'digital culture'.
  2. Build phase (Q4 2019) - to modify programmes and make programmes fully relevant to NHS audiences
  3. Promotion and Launch (Q4 2019).
    Stage of Development:
    Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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    Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
    The UK’s leading, personalised Healthcare professional development programme., designed for healthcare professionals (Clinical, Nursing and Management) to achieve a revered accreditation (ILM Level 5) in leadership and team development. 
    Overview of Innovation:
    Value Stream Experts (VSE) propose to utilise our proven and successful methodology: the VSE Innovative Management within Healthcare (ILM Level 5)
    Healthcare leaders are facing an ever changing NHS, with increasing uncertainty and performance challenges, Furthermore, they have a myriad of contemporary management techniques currently being thrust upon them. This education programme will bring together into ONE logical structure, how healthcare leaders can leverage COMTEMPORARY management techniques, such as Lean Management, Six Sigma, the latest technology for management of healthcare efficiency, plus the latest innovations and trends within healthcare that are driving the health economy.
    Delivery & Assessment:
    The education programme delivery is an MBA Style modular set up with core/fixed and optional modules. This method allows the tailoring to serve the various professional disciplines, plus help engage participants while serving to enhance career options and value to the host organisation.
    Education delivery is via a number of media:
    • E-learning
    • Classroom
    • Tutorial (face to face and on-line)
    • Study tour
    • Visiting lecturers
    • Workplace coaching
    Assessments take place through written methodology and via practical demonstration (project work / case studies).
    The practical activities will be applied to actual work based assignments, enabling Kirkpatrick Level 4 (ROI benefits) assessment: Real-life learning, measured through the participant’s improved performance, within a real-life role – true, personalised development.
    This course delivers the most personalised, Lean management development up-skilling available within the UK today. And for that reason, it is the most effective and sustainable in terms of its long-term value too.
    The course is accredited by Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM Level 5, with under-graduate transferability).
    Clinical, Nursing and Management leaders will be required to apply to secure a place on the Programme, and will be required to have a work-based sponsor from a healthcare organisation.
    The coaching element of the programme starts with the objective setting stage, undertaken with the participant’s leadership team. Objectives are most effective, when both personal (skills and behaviour), and business related (e.g. performance improvement; innovation adoption, problem-solving etc).
    Stage of Development:
    Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
    WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
    Education, training and future workforce / Innovation and adoption
    Initial Review Rating
    1.80 (1 ratings)
    Return on Investment (£ Value): 
    Return on Investment (Timescale): 
    0-6 mon
    Ease of scalability: 
    Regional Scalability:
    Scaling of the VSE Innovative Management within Healthcare is designed into the programme. The content delivery methodology is designed to be transferred for internal delivery, thus moving VSE to a reduced ongoing role of development and quality control.
    Measures sought are rightfully selected by leadership sponsors via projects being delivered. Support for the project selection process is part of the programme activity. Examples of measures are:
    • Reduction in outpatient clinic appointments lost
    • Reduced admissions to acute trust through proactive healthcare management (e.g. new treatment innovation effectively deployed)
    • Reduce lead time to treatment (primary and acute)
    • Reduced number of acute bed days
    Overall outcomes from the programme will be viewed from both a participant and organisation perspective:
    • Able to lead innovation implementation activity, through total value stream thinking methodology (patient, clinician, commercial, management)
    • Able to deliver improvement project using basic Lean management or 6 sigma methodology
    • Modules completed toward under-graduate programme
    • Revered healthcare qualification to contribute toward career progression
    • Performance improvement project completed resulting in clinical, financial or risk reduction benefit, intrinsic to each participant
    • Innovation implementation completed, resulting in clinical, financial or risk reduction benefit
    • Succession planning strengthened due to broad development of key leadership staff cross functionally
    These outcomes clearly cover, Safety, Quality, Cost and People.
    Adoption target:
    The target is based on quality of outcomes and with a completely self-funding activity, based on efficiency, performance & reduced risk outcomes, programme will inevitably exist within each acute trust, mental health trust and CCG grouping. Infrastructure will take time to build, but will be a key function for the regional strategic plan.
    Rejection Reason:
    Board decided not to support - feedback provided to company directly
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    Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
    A training approach enabling delegates to discover and practice innovative improvement and management leadership concepts that will enable them to become an even more confident, proficient, enterprising NHS management capability
    Overview of Innovation:
    In an increasingly connected world people are better informed than ever before. They have instant access to innovations and ideas from around the globe. They have opinions, ideas and want to be involved and able to make a difference.

    The ambition of the WMAHSN to explore the development of a ‘proof of concept’ one-year educational programme for junior and middle managers provides exactly the right opportunity to embrace the requirements of a contemporary workforce.

    The programme needs to accommodate the learning requirements of delegates from a mix of professional backgrounds, clinical specialisms and experience. This richness and diversity provides the best possible incentive for us, together, to design a training approach that is:
    ·       Engaging: We use a range of activities and exercises to develop understanding
    ·       Practical: Activities based around solving actual workplace issues provides the operational context required to successfully translate academic theory into a useful, useable improvement tool
    ·       Positive: Delegates can explore, develop and practice new skills, in a non-threatening, supportive environment
    ·       Reflective: Many of us need time to reflect on what we’ve learnt and consider how we will introduce it to colleagues and apply it in our workplace
    ·       Conversational: We can learn as much from each other through discussion as we can from theories and concepts
    ·       Flexible: Delegates will want to access training at times and formats to suit their work schedules and availability

    Our vision for the programme
    It is entirely healthy to encourage people to provide informed challenge to the way work gets done. To be able to say “hang on a minute, that might not be quite right” or “but that solution doesn’t fit my problem”.

    Beyond simply informing people about concepts and theory, important as this is, the programme should seek to:
    ·       Provide delegates with an understanding of a whole range of ideas, concepts and business models
    ·       Actively encourage the exploration of new ideas and stimulate different ways of thinking
    ·       Prepare delegates for the challenges of overcoming resistance and creating political will
    ·       Help them to become confident in the practical application, delivery and adoption of new ways of working
    We would welcome an opportunity to work with WMAHSN and any other selected training partners in the design, development and delivery of this ‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme.
    Stage of Development:
    Ideas stage - Early concept and ideas stage
    WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
    Education, training and future workforce / Wealth creation / Innovation and adoption
    Benefit to NHS:
    Improving patient outcomes, efficiency and/or cost effectiveness requires new ways of working to be developed and adopted; permanently changing the way people work. Delivering the required change successfully and cost effectively is a specialist skill rather than something developed through trial and error. But it is a skill everyone is capable of mastering, with the right training and support.

    We specialise in providing the practical support people need to resolve operational issues and/or improve productivity, efficiency and performance. We have an extensive operational background and have experienced the full range of problem solving challenges first-hand. We bring all of that experience to the training environment to help people discover the quickest, easiest or most cost effective (or a combination of all of these factors) ways for them to convert ideas and projects into successfully delivered outcomes.

    Our observation of many managers when they are faced with improvement challenges is that, frequently, they instinctively move straight to solution mode, driven by an understandable desire to get results quickly. Usually, too quickly!  To save time, instead of taking a moment to build the compelling evidence base required to guide them to informed decision making about which solution option is best, they often rely on instinct and ‘gut feel’.
    The result is, all too often, a poorly thought out solution, implemented in haste, with the inevitable and predictable consequences of:
    ·       Project cost and budget over-runs
    ·       Planned outcomes not delivered or solution not sustained
    ·       Benefits aren’t captured
    ·       The problem returns
    ·       Staff disengage

    This pattern of behaviour and its negative impact on project outcomes can be seen everywhere across the NHS. Operational efficiency and patient outcomes suffer as a result; the cost of the time spent on failed projects, lost forever.

    Imagine how much improvement could be achieved across the West Midlands NHS organisations if more staff learned how to utilise their clinical expertise in the design of better, more efficient services AND THEN were able to create and manage the resulting improvement projects to a guaranteed, successful outcome, every time.

    Imagine if they could deliver more projects, more successfully, more often and more quickly.

    We seek to enable the WMAHSN to achieve this vision within our support to the ‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme.
    Online Discussion Rating
    5.00 (1 ratings)
    Initial Review Rating
    4.20 (2 ratings)
    Benefit to WM population:
    Our support can perhaps be best summarised as enabling the ‘accelerated delivery’ of operational improvement through a combination of enhanced staff engagement and a robust improvement methodology, leading to shorter project lead times and assured project outcomes.

    Our vision for the ‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme is that it should provide access to class leading improvement concepts and delivery models. But, importantly, it must also provide guidance on how to adapt this learning to fit with delegates’ workplace and specific objectives.

    In this way our approach will enable delegates, and the NHS organisations they represent, to deliver existing and future improvement plans more quickly and more effectively. The staff we train will become expert in:
    ·       Problem identification
    ·       Solution design
    ·       Change leadership
    ·       Project management and implementation
    ·       Benefits capture
    Building these new skills will ensure delegates become confident in the practical application, delivery and adoption of new ways of working.

    Successful change also requires an understanding of the complex nature of human behaviour when faced with something new or different. So our training will also enable delegates to understand how to:
    ·       Become change leaders
    ·       Build early momentum within projects
    ·       Overcome the challenges of organisational resistance, internal politics and personal objections
    ·       Manage project resources alongside everyday business pressures, other competing initiatives and projects.

    Of the topics listed as components of the envisaged programme, our services are best aligned to business strategy and efficiency. Within this, as described above, we also cover how to design effective processes and teaching people how to overcome blockages and bumps in the road that can occur during the implementation and adoption of better ways of working.

    Therefore, we expect our support will align well with all the other programme components: improvement science and innovation; health policy and organisation; and, clinical quality and safety. In this way, we believe our support to the programme will benefit the population of the West Midlands across the whole range of existing and future improvement initiatives that delegates of the Educational Programme may become involved in.
    Current and planned activity: 

    We are not currently developing this particular innovation beyond or outside this expression of our interest in supporting the WMAHSN in the development of this ‘Proof of Concept’ Educational Programme.

    We have worked/are working in a similar capacity with numerous organisations and can draw on our considerable practical experience of creating confident and competent improvement practitioners within many settings and levels of seniority. 
    What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
    We are hoping to contribute to the co-development of the Programme by providing some of our own  original content and ideas whilst also supporting WMAHSN and other parties in the creation other content. We would seek to discuss IP status/ownership at a later stage.
    Return on Investment (£ Value): 
    Return on Investment (Timescale): 
    6-12 mon
    Ease of scalability: 
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    Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
    A secure training platform using high quality video content and cutting edge learning technology. We produce high-quality courses, or update or convert your existing training material accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer – anytime/anywhere
    Overview of Innovation:
    The platform has been designed with security to protect against inappropriate access and copyright infringement with an option to request users to pay per view. combines engaging content, low cost access and accessibility. Healthcare professionals from across the UK and internationally can benefit from consistent, sustainable educational programmes that will have a significant effect on performance and patient safety.
    Medics Academy (MA) - Delivery Platform - Flow diagram (MA) - Delivery Platform

    The platform incorporates unique technology to allow high quality video content to be viewed anywhere across the world without loss of quality. This allows educators, subject matter experts or partner organisations to securely distribute high quality, high value courses that may be of a sensitive, private medical nature. Programmes for or that target their audience whilst protecting their access to them and ensuring their ownership, IP and if required to generate direct income from their content.
    Delivery facilities:
    • High quality education online on any digital device
    • Security and IP protection of authored content
    • Global access via a specifically designed IT platform
    • Scalability and sustainability via a revenue sharing business model
    • Tracking of users and access / usage
    MA Content Production
    The company mission is to empower health professionals through knowledge so they can provide better care. The company has already developed and delivered a range of courses

    Content creation opportunities:
    • Content generation/production services and expertise
      • New Training Material creation
      • Conversion of existing material
      • Adapting original material for delivery via the MA Platform
    • Visuals graphics & animation facilities to illustrate points/information
    • Option to add additional products and services, e.g. link to classroom based training
    • Quality assured and endorsed content from experts combined with other content e.g. filmed demonstrations of skills

    Company Background
    The founders of the company, two medics, became increasingly frustrated by the poor design, use and engagement with e-learning and believe the use of these expert driven courses can be a part of a new blended learning solution to medical education.  From their frustration and experiences, they built a team based in the UK and the US, that have developed this platform. Medical educators can focus on building amazing content, supported by a team of artists, filmmakers, engineers and medical content specialists.

    Stage of Development:
    Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
    WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
    Education, training and future workforce / Wealth creation / Digital health / Innovation and adoption
    Benefit to NHS:
    Freedom of Access
    Opportunity to train staff remotely at any time or place and at their own pace, the ability to deliver training content pre or post a course to either prepare or reinforce the material being delivered either as well or instead of a physically attending formal course. This secure training platform facilitates the trainer/education unit with a range of options to deliver their material to their staff and students.
    This range of options can then be selected to best suit the ability to reach and gain access to the trainees e.g. it can facilitate them not travelling or leaving their place of work. It can be used to assist students with revision or reinforcement of a recently delivered course possibly before and exam or test.
    This flexibility can work for the participant as well as the deliverer of content all leading to a better trained and confident workforce. Hence facilitating performance improvement and make training significantly more cost effective and efficient.
    Usage Tracking
    Material accessed can be logged along with information on viewer and duration. This is part of our security and revenue system when required and when this may be appropriate. This also gives content producers a clear idea into their most used and valuable training assets.  
    Confidentiality & Control
    Access to material can be controlled you may wish to do this to ensure that content that may be clinically sensitive (e.g. of distressing or of a possible sexual nature) or that may be commercial sensitive is not accessible by those without permission. 
    Revenue Generation
    Courses that are delivered on the platform can be via a pay per view option. This is a revenue sharing model between Vopulus and the content provider, so significant income generation can be earned by the training provider from offering their material to a global audience. We take away all the strain and complexities of an organisation creating a charging system and the processes to providing a secure and trusted credit cards charging system.
    The Key Benefit
    All you need to worry about is the material you wish to teach – we can produce that material with you and then deliver it safely to your intended or your selected audience.
    We look forward to your call or your response below.
    Initial Review Rating
    3.40 (1 ratings)
    Benefit to WM population:
    Key Benefits
    • Simple Video Delivery Training Platform designed for Medical Content  Removes concerns over access and can form part of a library of material for a Trust or for West Midlands NHS & Community Clinical staff
    • Options to generate revenue from your content
      Generate money from external organisations or clinicians from your training material
    • Confidential and professional Training Material production or conversion
      Take the worry away from delivering, recording and illustrating your training material we will do that and if you’re not confident or comfortable being videoed we can arrange for an expert presenter to deliver your lessons
    Enhanced Staff - Leading to better informed and trained healthcare professionals which ensures confidence that leads to improved patient safety and outcomes.
    Training / Testing Freedom - Ability to offer courses to hard to reach clinical and medical staff due to their location (e.g. Community based) or their availability (shortages but imperative that they are brought up to date on a process or procedure). The platform allows 24/7 access to material and through the tracking a degree of confidence can be had by the trainers / management that the viewer has seen and understood the material delivered. The level of understanding can be confirmed via an online test or other assessment methods.
    Potential Patient Use - This platform also has potential to be used for patient education programmes providing a significant increase in patient empowerment, self care and wellness.

    Payment Security
    The platform has a fully integrated payment system built on the industry leader Stripe. We also use a cutting edge ledger and tracking function that allows fully transparent tracking of payments for clients. Thus due incorporated Stripe system, partners/clients can be fully confident in a global payments and payment tracking system that utilises the latest technology and security standards.
    Current and planned activity: 
    Current Activity
    • We have a regional project underway with the West Midlands AHSN to produce training material for LTC.
    • We are having a number of discussions and negations on material related to maternity with Trusts across the UK.
    • Although we seeking to engage with more content providers and potential purchasers of group courses.
    Thus we would like to discuss:
    • Procurement / Adoption of:  
      • More medical training Video productions or for more Trusts and other clinical training organisations/units to our Medical Academy Platform to deliver you material   
      • Usage of our secure and / or revenue generating video content Delivery Platform space. 
    What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
    Platform has IP associated with its design and security to protect content from plagarism.
    The course content IP remains with the author apart from our newly produced graphics.
    Return on Investment (£ Value): 
    Return on Investment (Timescale): 
    6-12 mon
    Ease of scalability: 
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