Hexitime- The Skill Exchange and Timebank for Improving Healthcare (#3207)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Quality Improvers are seeking to connect to their network and add value to their patients. Hexitime is an elegant solution to both. "Give an hour, get one back".
Overview of Innovation:
The concept of healthcare timebanking was first proposed at the 2017 annual Q Community conference and followed up with learning from timebanks in public services which have united disenfranchised communities. Small scale pilots across the Q Community have left members inspired, better resourced and equipped with new ideas. These have subsequently contributed to a successful bid for seed funding by myself and co-founder John Lodge from the 2018 Health Foundation Q Exchange.

We now have a platform built and ready to conduct exchanges at www.hexitime.com

Observing the simple premise of reciprocity, timebanking uses a virtual currency for skills exchanges that can work at organisational, regional or national levels. It is a way to source the skills, energy and expertise of the Quality Improvement community without real money changing hands. All exchanges are for improvement work and exchanges are equitable (e.g. member ‘A’ is not worth more than member ‘B’). Every hour given is rewarded by 1 credit that can be redeemed in a subsequent exchange.

Timebanking principles
1. Money is not exchanged.
2. Exchanges are for improvement work.
3. Exchanges are equitable, with participants' time worth the same.
4. Support is exchanged around a system.
5. Time credits can be earnt, spent or donated between anyone.
6. The exchange belongs to the community.
7. Community members want to make improvements

Hexitime was launched on the 4th April 2019 and within a few weeks has attracted 150 members who have posted dozens of heartfelt requests and generous offers. We are having at least one exchange per week with rich learning for both donors and recipients of the exchange. This video shows the story of one such exchange.

We now need to grow the Hexitime community and cultivate exchanges on the platform whilst evaluating the value it brings. Our vision is that this disruptive way of working becomes a mainstream way of sharing experience and expertise by catalysing connections between healthcare professionals and service users with the intention to improve the service itself.
Stage of Development:
Evaluation stage - Representative model or prototype system developed and can be effectively evaluated
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We were delighted to be recognised as "Ones to Watch at this year's Meridian Innovation Awards.

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