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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
An artificial intelligence(AI) powered platform recommends recipes for pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics based on personal flavour preferences, avoidances, dietary constraints, budget, weather then makes it easy to shop all the ingredients online.
Overview of Innovation:
Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes can be life changing but all too often the quality of advice recieved to help change diet is limited, especially if you have existing budgetary or dietary constraints.
Removing friction from the process of finding and cooking a healthier diet should help people to adhere to new diets by preserving more of the will power required to maintain your resolve.
Whisk's cognitive food platform powers 100 million recipe views every month and creates 500,000 shopping lists so has a unique ability to recommend quality recipes and add them to a shopping list or cart.
A new platform will be developed with Health Exchange to empower it's cousellors to help clients to make lasting, measurable and valuable change to their diet in order to reverse, delay or manage their diagnosis successfully.
Stage of Development:
Evaluation stage - Representative model or prototype system developed and can be effectively evaluated
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Is the plan going forward for you to work via the white label route with organisations like Health Exchange and other healthcare providers presumably in areas beyond diabetes where diet can make an impact on clinical symptoms/outcome?  Is there a direct to consumer offering? ie if I am pre-diabetic, will I be able to sign up to Whisk online, add basic details about my medical history and get the same filtered results?
Hi Bethan. Yes that's the plan once we have demonstrated engagement & value for the platform.
Anyone can access to see the experience. We don't capture user details or conditions as the recommended diet recommended for diabetes by the NHS is the Eatwell Plate. We will be adding specific diets like the Mediterranean Diet in future so users can choose a diet to try without sharing details of their conditions.

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