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HeadGym coaching is a one to one flexible service providing innovative self help techniqes for adults and children that enable clients with mental health challenges to develop mental resilience and manage their own mental health. 
Overview of Innovation:
HeadGym services are preventative and for those experiencing crisis; we believe in helping the client to help themselves. Many clients we see have undertaken short term interventions over many years which have been inaffective in the long term, creating a revolving door of services and/or becoming dependent on medication.
We address this issue and provide a long term flexible service built around a goals framework, it is about the client having the ability to take control of their own mind and body and finding the solutions to do so. The coach ensures clients are supported in developing their own goals and steps to achieving them meaning that aspirations are built around what the client wants and not a service providers desired outcomes. The ownership of these goals has shown to make a huge difference in clients motivation and success rates are high, inevitably service providers desired outcomes are met anyway. We provide clients with some simple tools, techniques and strategies based around the findings of neuroplasticy using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  and other methods. Areas of progress have been: self esteem, mental health, self confidence, self worth, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, career, addictions, volunteering, coming off benefits and re-engaging with education.  A Coach is encouraging and guiding throughout the process, they highlight the positive achievements in an individual’s progress. HeadGym helps a person to identify strengths and provides long term support to enable people to make positive changes. Appointments can go from fortnightly to 3,6, or 12 monthly or longer with the option for a person to alter the regularity of sessions and return to more frequent appointments should their needs change. Sessions can be held face to face, via email, facetime, Skype, Google hangouts and other platforms, this enables us to reach out to more isolated people and to be very flexible and is particular popular with young people.
Using this mechanism people have progressed to manage their mental health and in turn make progress in other areas of life, such as gaining employment, losing weight, starting volunteer work. We have been monitored by referring agents, case studies have been conducted independetly and WEMWEB self assessments have been completed by clients, all of which validate the HeadGym approach.
Due to the proven success of our project we now want to train more Headgym coaches and reach more people.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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My sessions with Headgym have been fruitfull and very helpful in various aspects of my life. Continuing support is valuable in helping me find different ways in which to cope with a wide range of situations and so my mental health continues to improve. Thank you.
It has been a privilidge to work along HeadGym providing Life Coaching groups to families / young people who are most at need.
The impact that HeadGym's approach is astounding. With a 100% increase in WEMWEBS Score's for all attendees, and this is just testamount to Neil's dedication to his Clients and improvinf their mental wellbeing.
The work Neil and HeadGym carry out has a meaningful and lasting impact on the families in Redditch.
Being able to adapt the methods used to accomidate differenet sets of Clients i.e. young adults, male only groups and female only groups just adds to the wright of this service
Headgym offers life coaching to those who need it and achieves amazing results. Through training and volunteering with Headgym I have developed both professionally and personally, I have seen these results first hand and the massive positive impact it has of the clients and their families. This service is highly effective and invaluable.
Headgym provides a much needed service to support the health and well-being of families and young people in Redditch and Bromsgrove. Our mental health is as important as our physical health and as a volunteer for this vital service, I see first hand the benefits to people's self-esteem and the positive changes they make for themselves and their families. Life is becoming increasingly busier and more complex and Headgym provides an important, necessary service to help people cope with the pressures of day to day life. 
HeadGym have supported numerous families in Redditch with outstanding outcomes, making a real difference to people's lives.  Neil has provided a valuable service and met a demand from residents that is not being met by statutory services.  I have spoken to users of the service who cannot thank Neil enough for the improvement in their well-being that has not helped just them as individuals but their wider family.

I have used this service to help with personal issues in my life. I have attended a life coaching group and have covered anger, anxiety, worry and more. Over 10 weeks of group work I am feeling more positive and feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel. Without Headgym I would not be feeling this way and would like to thank Beth and Neil for helping me
I have had experience of using Headgym both personally and professionally and seen the benefits first hand. The families that have used this service have had positive life changing experiences in all aspects of their lives following depression, issues surrounding anxiety, poor self confidence and self esteem just to mention a few issues. To lose this service would be detrimental. To experience life coaching with Headgym is a positive way of dealing with problems which differs to counselling although these areas of the past can be explored if needed. Headgym focuses on goals and aspirations and using strategies to move forward. This service must be kept as so many lives and families have benefited. 
The support that Headgym gives our families is invaluable.  Mental Health services are often limited and Headgym fills the gap in a positive and life enhancing way. Families get the one to one support they need and proves more effective than traditional methods.
HeadGym is a great service helping families around Redditch and Bromsgrove dealing with their mental health issues. The service is one 2 one and adapts to each individual case, putting the client at ease and helping them to acheive and maintain the positive changes their lives so need.
The work that Head Gym has carried out with families in Bromsgrove and Redditch has been invaluable. The impact that the work has had on young people and parents has proved to be a long term solution which prevents other interventions later on.
The outcomes on young people, in particular, are outstanding and we need this service to continue and be even more widely available.

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