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A free interactive website that allows community members to take control of wellness by creating then managing a personal wellness plan, assisted as necessary by link workers and service providers.
Overview of Innovation:
In 2014 the Chief Economist of the Bank of England released figures showing that the total amount of volunteering in the UK is equivalent to 10% of all paid hours worked, which has an economic and social value of at least £100 billion per year. However, community groups struggle to engage with public services, with each other, and with the public. Councils could mitigate the impact of austerity by helping their communities release more value from volunteering. Even for a small community, just a small improvement in the effectiveness of volunteering is worth millions of pounds per year - and can make a huge difference to local wellness.

Town Digital Hub (TDH) is "a uniquely holistic approach to social prescribing", Dr Richard Kimberlee, South West Lead, Social Prescribing Network.

Wellness plans are based on usage of community assets, which link workers curate for quality of care, promote to clients, and help develop in collaboration with the community. Details of your wellness plan can be shared with provider organisations of your choice, which puts an end to silo working by multiple agencies. Wellness plans remove technical and administrative overheads from social prescribing, allowing link workers to operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Link workers address wellness issues before demand hits the NHS by reaching out to the community not only at GP practices but also at permanent/popup hubs in supermarkets, town centres, libraries, schools, bus/train stations, community centres, and more. Link workers give each client ongoing support at a level matched to their needs, but also encourage them to become more self-reliant, mentoring them where appropriate to become volunteer link workers via TDH. This allows social prescribing services to be expanded without cost, scaling easily to many thousands of people.
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Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
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I totally agree with you and wonder how we may support this being spread more widely across the region - any suggestions? Would you be free to meet to explore this? Could access to the SME innovation fund be a way to support wider uptake of this intiative? Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your comments. 
GPs simply cannot continue to attempt to deal with the mounting needs which burden people coming through our doors.Medicalising distress can so often lead to people being given something they don't need, unrealistic expectations and burnout/compassion fatigue in clinicians. Coordinated approaches to social prescribing have shown benefits in wellbeing, health outcomes and cost for a range of people with long term conditions, who attend GP surgeries very frequently without obvious benefit and who have common mental health problems. Wellbrum offers just such an approach, which doesn't take responsibility away from people, but helps them find something in their community which could make a lasting difference. This needs to cover the length and breadth of the city!
Country is definitely falling of a cliff. The NHS has been the safety net but where is the safety net for the NHS.
Start thinking differently e.g diabetes- for most type 2 diabetics this is a lifestyle problem and not actually a disease , Connect people -get them feeling better about themselves and then work on increasing activity and carbohydrate restriction/Wt loss .NHS spends 3 million a day on drugs for this condition

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