Serendip at iCentrum
Are you a tech or digital start up business looking to accelerate your growth?   Sitting in the heart of iCentrum, The Serendip Incubator is an incredible opportunity to accelerate the growth of your tech or digital start-up by working directly with large corporate partners.
A core element of Birmingham’s ‘Knowledge Quarter’, the Serendip Incubator co-locates promising start-up businesses with large, existing commercial partners, enabling those start-ups to market-test and refine products and services with real commercial partners. These partners may in turn become customers or distribution channels as the start-up develops.
With its open plan, co-working space, the design of Serendip is focused on providing highly flexible work and think space, to respond to the natural patterns of today’s technically advanced entrepreneurs and innovators.
If accepted onto Serendip, you will work with the following corporate partners, sharing the newest, most high-tech office space in Birmingham from day one. You will boost your growth, significantly reduce the risk to potential investors and maximise the chances of success.

From 1st April 2016, Serendip will accommodate start-ups and commercial partners working within the following markets: Applicants must locate their business at iCentrum and commit to working with the Serendip Incubator corporate partners. Those accepted will be able to move into iCentrum from 1st April 2016.
Further benefits of the Serendip Incubator include:
  • Free high-tech office space for 6 months
  • Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Specific start-up and innovation focused workshops
  • 30 Gbit internet connection
  • State of the art demonstration screens (wireless streaming direct from mobile devices for easy product demonstrations, planning meetings etc.)
  • Incredible 180-seat presentation auditorium with 7m+ wide HD presentation screen. (Ideal for large scale demonstrations, talks and product launches)
  • Brand new resident cafe
  • Access to over 100 evening and networking events per year

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