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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
This novel approach involves people reviewing their medicines in a 3/4 hour session with two health professionals.
We provide people with their own notes in the form of a written action plan, which they can share with clinicians.
Overview of Innovation:
Our work introduces a novel approach to helping people manage their medicines and treatments.

It involves group sessions for patients on medicines, covering what ‘medicines’ are (not just prescribed substances), how they work, side-effects and interactions, alternatives to medicines, finding trusted information and how to have a productive conversation with your Doctor / Health Professional on medicines and treatments.

Following this we offer optional individual support sessions where people can talk about their medicines and treatments in confidence, with two health professionals, one of whom is always a Pharmacist. We developed this novel approach as part of a project commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Most people received the information they needed from the group sessions. Less than one third of the attendees went on to have an individual session. Those who attended individual sessions were people with more complex issues, including people who are classed as ‘high cost’ e.g. frequent attenders at G.P Surgeries, those on multiple medications, and people with substance misuse issues. In these individual sessions, participants felt able to share information on their medicines, treatments and overall wellbeing that they haven’t previously shared with anyone. For some this included areas where they felt unsafe and had not talked about to professionals before. On several occasions, we have been able to provide information on safeguarding options, and maintaining safety. This included signposting people to available services, they previously either avoided or had been unaware of.

The success criteria for the DWP funded project, which were all met, related to helping people back on the route to employment. By collecting accounts from attendees, we also found that our sessions appeared to lead to a reduced number of prescribed medicines and more appropriate contacts with services. Indicating that adopting this approach as part of core services will be self-sustaining.
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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Hi Steve - I was wondering how this compares with the Medicines Use Review (MUR) and New Medicines Service (NMS) that people can access through their Community Pharmacies? Thanks Lucy 
Hi Lucy,

Good question. When we do the group sessions we signpost people to MURs. NMS and all other relevant resources.
Then, when we offer the individual sessions, the people who come forward tend to be those for whom existing services havn't hit the spot. We also work closely with the local Mediciens Management Teams to ensure we are offeing soemthing that really adds value and  doesn't reinvent the wheel. We're still learning on this ...

Best wishes,


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