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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Oviva's Diabetes 800 programme has shown 55% remission rate amongst patients, delivered at <50% cost (compared to a face-to-face programme) with a 100% remote & digitally enabled model. Per patient, this is an in-year cost-saving of £1472.
Overview of Innovation:
In the West Midlands, each CCG spends in the region of £10m on Diabetes Medication each year. Diabetes 800 is a programme which puts Type 2 diabetes into remission, and therefore removes the need of often unpleasant, and expensive medication for the patient. The programme achieved remission in 55% of patients, and is deliverable at <50% of the cost of a face-to-face comparable service. Diabetes 800 is a fully remote clinical service delivered 1-to-1 by diabetes specialist dietitians and diabetes specialist nurses over 12 months. The objectives are to help patients achieve remission, reduce medications, lose weight, and improve their health. It starts with a 12 week very low-calorie (800kcal/day) diet to achieve >15kg weight loss, followed by 9 months of personalised nutrition and behaviour change support. The in-year cost saving per patient is £1472.

Using one West Midlands CCG as an example, £7m is spent each year on diabetes medication. To date the CCG has spent near zero on Type 2 diabetes remission. If Diabetes 800 was available for all patients in the CCG, the cost saving is estimated to be: >£24,000,000. Type 2 diabetes remission programmes have not been routinely commissioned due to a lack of evidence and a lack of clinically proven programmes, as a result the funding opportunites are challenging. Although Oviva is working with CCGs across the UK to develop cost-saving programmes. 

The Oviva Diabetes 800 programme was developed by an expert panel of specialist clinicians, including Professor Rachael Batterham (University College London Hospital) and Dr Michelle Harvie (Manchester University Hospitals) and based on the DiRECT study and published principles from Diabetes UK.
The service has been evaluated in a clinical trial in Manchester, due for publication in March 2020. Six month outcomes show 100% of participants stopped or reduced diabetes medications, 9kg weight loss and a 55% remission rate. Oviva is leading an Innovate UK project, implementing Diabetes 800 to 300 patients. This is due to begin in January 2020 to help generate further evidence to guide commissioning.
Stage of Development:
Market ready and adopted - Fully proven, commercially deployable, market ready and already adopted in some areas (in a different region or sector)
WMAHSN priorities and themes addressed: 
Long term conditions: a whole system, person-centred approach / Wellness and prevention of illness / Digital health / Innovation and adoption
Benefit to NHS:
NHS patients:
  • Potential for people with type 2 diabetes to achieve remission and improvements in their quality of life and psychological wellbeing from 15kg of weight loss
  • Reduced medication burden and risk of complications from their conditions
NHS commissioners:
  • NHS savings with reductions in medication & clinical services use
  • Estimated savings are approx. £1,500/patient in year 1
Primary care:
  • GPs and Practice Nurses will be inspired by new lifestyle-led ways of managing type 2 diabetes rather than a medication first approach – helping transform the NHS’s approach to care
  • Reduced demand on primary care due to better health in participants
Leadership of the UK/NHS in the emerging scientific field of type 2 diabetes remission:
Type 2 diabetes remission is a new science and by undertaking this work the UK/NHS will be a world leader in real world implementation – which can be shared both more widely in the NHS but also internationally
Initial Review Rating
5.00 (1 ratings)
Benefit to WM population:
West Midlands Population:
  • The West Midlands has over 280,000 people living with diabetes, and one of the highest prevalence rates nationally
  • There is the potential for these people with type 2 diabetes to achieve remission and improvements in their quality of life and psychological wellbeing from 15kg of weight loss
  • There is also the benefits of a reduced medication burden and risk of complications from their condition
Current and planned activity: 
  • Ongoing Diabetes 800 RCT in Manchester (due for publication in March 2020)
  • Innovate UK Diabetes 800 project launch in January 2020
  • Programme launch on 1st January 2020 in a number of CCGs where early adoption has been see
Development Support
  • Where CCGs have an absence of funding allocation for Type 2 diabetes remission, support is necessary to assist in the roll out of cost-saving measures
What is the intellectual property status of your innovation?:
Oviva UK Limited owns all of the intellectual property (IP) for the Diabetes 800 programme. 
Return on Investment (£ Value): 
Very high
Return on Investment (Timescale): 
1 year
Ease of scalability: 
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