Monoma- interactive, gamified and multisensory devices for cognitive and physical training (#2039)

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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
We develop connected, accessible devices that use interactive games, musical expression and machine learning to support therapy and training of physical, cognitive and communication skills.
Overview of Innovation:
Our interactive platform is designed to make rehabilitation fun, exciting and engaging. Our first product, Monoma uses gamified exercises and music making to address the training needs of our clients. It has been user-tested by people with cognitive, learning and motor disabilities. Furthermore it has already been tested in therapy, special education and assisted living settings.
Monoma consists of:
  • A set of modular hardware controllers with RGB led lights and uses touch sensors in a novel format to provide unparalleled sensitivity. It is dynamic, offers bi-directional communication and opens up new interaction possibilities.
  • The controllers connect via Bluetooth to our software platform. The platform consists of rehabilitation exercises that combine sounds, music, colours and lights. Therapists and educators can choose from memory, turn taking, musical improvisation, orchestration, reaction to stimuli and exer-gaming routines among others. Our application allows for full customisation of the hardware (i.e number of units, colour, sensitivity, dynamic range) and the exercise settings (difficulty level, songs, notes, timing) in order to serve different needs and abilities.
  • Monoma uses data mining and machine learning to collect valuable data and report on reaction times, evolution of memory, force and speed abilities of the users. This allows for real time adaptation of the exercises based on users’ abilities, long term progress tracking and evaluation of therapists’ practice.

Monoma has been evaluated by 100+ therapists therapists who have found that it helps improve the independence and wellbeing of our clients, specifically the improvements are:
  • training of sensorimotor functioning (orientation, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, strength and endurance of movement)
  • training of cognitive functioning (attention, reaction to stimuli, memory)
  • training of communication and social skills (turn taking, eye contact and initiation)
  • accessible creative expression

Monoma is easy to set up, is customisable and can be used in several settings. The device provides feedback to the users’ actions, therefore educators will not need to constantly reinforce them. The data collection and analysis is also deemed very important for the evaluation of users’ progress.

Video of the product here:
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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