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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
Our invention will monitor vitally and medically significant parameters (blood microcirculation) in real time, wirelessly supplying individuals with efficient CV information to smartphones
Overview of Innovation:
In the next few years, non-invasive technology will have revolutionised medicine. Wearable devices and smartphones can serve as the hub for new diagnostic and treatment technologies. With new tech will come new opportunities for our healthcare: improving the accuracy and usefulness of information we can gather on our health as citizens and patients; changing how and where care is delivered; offering new ways to prevent, predict, detect and treat illness. Aston Smart Light Ltd. (ASL Ltd.) focuses on the development of advanced medical tech to continuously monitor human health state and will potentially aid in the development of fast and affordable body control without specialist knowledge. Our mission is to employ this experience and our previously developed devices to release cutting edge technology more complex and clinically informative than anything currently available, to the specialised and commercial markets. Our inventions relate to non-invasive devices that are suitable for simultaneous monitoring of body conditions. The main goal is to perfect the technology as well as manufacture a smartwatch style device capable of monitoring human body conditions, while wirelessly sending this information to your smart phone.

SmartWatch is a highly innovative project. The aim of this project is to manufacture a smartwatch style device capable of monitoring human body conditions based on Doppler flowmetry (DF) for healthcare and self-monitoring. Such monitoring is required in hypertensive patients to prevent heart failure (HF) and acute ischemic stroke (AIS) as well as for individuals seeking control of their physical and emotional state. The research, based on ultra-low power laser devices will advance the field of personalised medicine by allowing the watch-like devices design and fabrication. The proposed device will provide constant monitoring of patient cardiovascular conditions and would allow doctors and to give personalised advice and treatments. While there are devices already providing health monitoring, all of them are based on heart rate sensing and cannot monitor advanced health condition. Our smartwatch style device is suitable for detection of blood microcirculation and represent an entirely new, clinically relevant application with no current competition.
Stage of Development:
Evaluation stage - Representative model or prototype system developed and can be effectively evaluated
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