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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
An app, designed by doctors, to promote safe and effective handover both within and between teams. With the inforamtion captured for handoer, clinical leaders can better review and manage patient flow through their team and the wider organisation.
Overview of Innovation:
Careful is an app designed by clinicians. It helps doctors, nurses and allied health professionals share and protect critical patient information.

At its heart, it answers two pressing questions - who is currently looking after the patient and what is their clinical plan? It uses our Handover® system to keep track of the former and for the latter it provides a job-tracking system, with free-text clinical updates.

It has been designed to be simple, easy to use and mobile-first — so it can replace traditional paper-and-memory handover sheets.

This information, gathered from clinicians at the bedside, provides an exceptionally rich set of data that is currently lost in handover sheets and verbal order, or is buried in notes. By making this accessible, the app provides an overview that allows clinical leaders to review and manage the flow of patients through their team and the wider organisation.

By capturing structured information about actions and patient diagnoses, the system also creates the opportunity for 'clinical coding at the bedside' - a potentially huge cost saving.

Finally, we are developing a patient-centred app to enable patients to access and contribute to their own record and to communicate directly with the teams looking after them.

They will also, in response to the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May, have direct oversight of their own record, ensuring that they can identify who has accessed it, and exercise control over who views the information.

We have tested and revised the first version of the system and are now ready to deploy version 2 of the clinician app. This is developed and ready for deployment in 2018. We need further support so that we can ensure that it is refined in response to customer feedback and to add further features. We also need funding for the patients’ app.
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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Thank you for your submission to the SME Innovation Fund - on this occassion you have not been shortlisted to present to the Investment Committee as competition for this round of funding has been really strong, however we are still committed to supporting innovations through our innovation and adoption service in many other ways and will be in touch to determine how we may be able to help moving forwards. 
Hi Lucy - I think this is complete.

Can you indicate what more is needed?


Hello - could I please ask that the detailed submission is completed by Thursday 1st February please?
​Thanks, Lucy
Hello - I wondered if you wanted to submit this for the SME Innovation fund investment committee to review as it will need to be submitted as an initial submission in order to do so rather than still beign in draft? Do you have any questions that we may be able to help you with? Thanks Lucy 

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