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Innovation 'Elevator Pitch':
A holistic tinnitus treatment app designed by audiology and ENT specialists that will provide patients with tinnitus education, self-help therapeutic exercises, psychoacoustically tailored sound therapy and efficacy outcome measurements.
Overview of Innovation:
Tinnitus is the involuntary perception of sound, that is localised to within the ears/head, and has been reported to affect 10-15% of the global adult population.

The vast majority of cases are induced by hearing loss. Hearing loss casues changes in neuronal activity patterns within the central auditory system and occur as a result of organic mammalian hearing loss. However, sudden onset hearing loss cuased by loud noise exposure or some damage to the auditory cortex can also result in tinnitus.

In a significant number of individuals (0.5-1.5%) this can have a severe impact on quality of life due to resultant secondary symptoms such as anxiety; external sound sensitivity; insomnia.

Currently tinnitus is treated by helping the patient to habituate to the noise; so that the perception becomes filtered from conscious awareness much in the same way as the majority of body noises are (i.e. respiration etc.). Techniques like educational counselling, relaxation, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and sound therapy are all employed to provide ad hoc control over patient emotional reactivity and perceptual awareness in order to act as a catalyst to the habituation process.

These complex therapeutic techniques require significant clinical time, resource and expertise in order to be efficacious.

The Tinnitus Clinic Ltd. proposes to design a treatment app to prototype stage for tinnitus. This app will combine a number of evidence based interventions that can be delivered to the patient via one platform in a remote fashion.

There will be both pro bono and chargeable features.

Users will be able to grade their tinnitus severity via validated questionnaires and access education tools relating to tinnitus aetiology, the progression of the condition and self help techniques.

Patients will also be able to determine the pitch of their tinnitus and basic hearing acuity in order to provide guidance with respect to basic sound therapy options.

Chargeable services such as spoken word relaxation/mindfullness meditation exercises, CBT techniques and non-bespoke sound therapy options could be available for a monthly fee.

A more sophisticated array of bespoke sound therapy techniques will also be available but would require the patients to attend a tinnitus clinic in order to undergo testing and calibration of the treatment signal. Fit for purpose ear/head phones would be provided to enable signal delivery during the day or whilst the patient sleeps.

Stage of Development:
Ideas stage - Early concept and ideas stage
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