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We plan to take preventative holisitc health care direct to the patient. Using a variety of physical, emotional, educational and social tried and tested approaches.
Overview of Innovation:
Every GP practice in Dudley is a shareholder in Future Proof Health (FPH) part of our current role is to provide NHS Health Checks on behalf of Dudley Public Health, in the community and in the workplace, we want to expand the age group for this to include 20-40 year olds. We are consistently asked by this age group if they can have this type of MoT for themselves. There are 36,000 females and 35,000 males in this age group in the Dudley area and we already have both the capability in the way of trained health professionals from all areas and the experience in place for delivery of this Health Check type of intervention. By targeting this age group we can advise on Smear tests, as you are aware the uptake of this is down by 30% in this age group, we can also advise on chlamidia screening, HIV testing, Breast Screening and Prostate screening. We are also carer aware accredited with Dudley MBC and are one of their preferred providers.We have all undertaken our motivation to change training and are all community information champion trained staff enabling us to advise on all aspects of daily life. We are also the Community Education Provider Network for Health Education England so can advise on apprenticeships and training opportunities. We work closely with a wide varieyt of health, education, voluntary and social organisations and have strong links with them. Alongside the expasion of the age group, by going out into the community and in the workplace we can also engage with hard to reach patients. As well as providing detailed knowledge of the current heath situation we can mobilise into the community expeditiously through our surgery networks.
Everything we currently deliver is undertaken in accordance with our local and in-house clinical guidelines, CQC guidelines and recognised Infection Control processes. Our systems and processes are already tried and tested with a solid evidence base of patient take up and success. We are not complacent however, and we recognise that service take up in some areas is better than others. We are committed to addressing this by offering a wider variety of clinical access channels to services, such as the direct to the patient, in a variety of settings thereby providing equality of availability and service provision to all the Dudley population. We will ensure that all of our data is analised ,any best practice to improve service access and uptake findings will be fed back to all appropriate chanels.
Stage of Development:
Close to market - Prototype near completion and final form may require additional validation/evaluation and all CE marking and regulatory requirements are in place
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Thank you for your submission to the SME Innovation Fund - on this occassion you have not been shortlisted to present to the Investment Committee as competition for this round of funding has been really strong, however we are still committed to supporting innovations through our innovation and adoption service in many other ways and will be in touch to determine how we may be able to help moving forwards. 

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