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The WMAHSN would like to develop an Innovation Fellowship prorgamme focussing on the skills needed for the adoption and spread of innovation at pace and scale. 

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Overview of Innovation:
My name is Richard Wood, the CEO of Rocketeer Enterprise, a specialist company in enterprise and entrepreneurship. Our USP is that our content and courses are accredited and have a specific digital and tech focus. This ensures all our programmes recognise the importance of the rapidly changing and ever evolving digital landscape that we are all in the midst of.

We work closely with the sector skills body for enterprise, SFEDI awards UK and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, the IOEE. This ensures all of our courses and programmes are fully accredited.

We currently work closely with Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) as well as Prisons (we currently have our courses and programmes in 9 prisons), Colleges, Sixth Forms, Universities and Charities.

We have been working with the Prison Education Trust for the past 12 months, with our 'pioneering courses' being offered to all prisoners in England and Wales. We recently met the under secreatry of state for the Ministry Of Justice and are currently in talks with the probation service and the DWP. 

We work closely with our partners to create bespoke programmes and all of our programmes can be accessed online via our enterprise platform or in physcial form with course folders.  

We recently launched our 'incubator' programme allowing clients to progress from academic learning through our innovative incubator syllabus, which supports clients as they start their business, research the IP and develop the idea. For one client we operate this as a 12 week programme and for another 12 months.

We work closely with specialist partners to ensure we can offer the complete innovation service, including business model development, graphic design (with our sister digital branding agency company -  www.highligh.design), right through to generating customers and clients online with an effective social media and digital marketing strategy. 

We have a highly credible team of advisors who either work for or have worked with GE Power, Rolls Royce, Google, JCB, KPMG and Porsche to name but a few. In fact one of our advisors currently sits on the board for the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet your senior team to see if there are collaborative opportunities as we all move forward through what some are calling the 2nd Industrial revolution!

For more information visit www.rocketeer.ac or contact Richard on 07985925175
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Overview of Innovation:
Value Stream Experts (VSE) propose to utilise our proven and successful methodology: the VSE Innovation Implementation Solution to bring innovation capability to the WMAHSN region and underpin the Innovation Fellowship Programme.
The VSE Innovation Implementation Solution uses Lean Management improvement techniques to de-risk and ‘ease’ innovation implementation; so that the innovation idea comes to fruition rather than the common risk of failing due to the inevitable barriers that WILL be experienced, as witnessed countless times by our team over decades of change and new innovation adoption in Healthcare.
Value Stream optimisation, root cause problem solving and other waste elimination skills applied to innovation adoption will support benefits happening sooner, eliminate resistance to change from operational teams and will make marginal ROI innovations into firm feasible propositions.
This is achieved by applying a holistic and planned approach:
  • Mapping the overall process / patient journey
  • Identifying all barriers and constrictions to consistency of flow
  • Engaging stakeholders and driving the multiple improvements to the whole pathway
  • Carefully linking implementation of the innovation stage by stage, with the operational team’s required adapted behaviour and performance requirements
The VSE Lean Implementation Solution is designed to negate the technological innovation implementation risks that have caused a lack of pace and appetite for the majority of new, innovative products/services spreading virally in the NHS, in terms of usage.

The methodology will be implemented by using VSE expert coaches coupled to existing WMAHSN region NHS internal experts to build the Innovation Fellowship Programme.

Learning by doing, coupled to education in the appropriate tools and techniques will enable members of the Innovation Fellowship Programme to deliver innovation implementation projects and gain the confidence to ensure sustainable repetition.

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Lorne Walters 07/04/2017 - 13:11 Approved Login or Register to post comments

Overview of Innovation:

We are currently engaged in developing a Local Authority led Innovation Capability & Maturity programme. It’s likely that this experience could provide a good fit with your plans for developing an Innovation Fellowship Programme. We would be delighted to explore any possible collaboration opportunities that may exist.

Built around an industry leading innovation maturity assessment tool the Capability & Maturity programme will allow innovators to review their capability in each of the five core pillars of innovation: Strategy, Leadership, Management, Culture and Processes. They will then be able to attend workshops designed to addressing any gaps they have identified.

Innovation has become a real part of everyday business life. Beyond standard improvement methodologies, for organisations seeking successful and sustained growth, this has put an even greater premium on building staff engagement and collaborative behaviours within organisational culture.

Delivering innovation programmes benefits from utilising a range of proven techniques and following a structured sequence of actions to ensure progress is managed and ensured - it gets stuff done!  But, there are also things that simply help things along; the 'human' stuff that needs to be wrapped around the functional steps. Delivering innovation is also about relationships and persuasion; the conversations, interactions and support for colleagues - just when they need it!

The challenge for all organisations is how to gain these skills & where to start?

Leading innovation can be really challenging, sometimes lonely, often isolating, almost always taking longer than you would like it to.  The Capability & Maturity workshops will bring people together to share knowledge and strengthen their collective capability around innovation and adoption.

Workshops will combine work-based, on-line, and classroom activities and facilitated discussion exploring the process of bringing a new product, process or service to life and the activities and behaviours that are required to support it. They will provide delegates with a range of solution options and ideas for them to select from rather than just how to strictly impose a methodology.

On finishing the course, delegates will complete a second capability & maturity assessment to measure how, and where, they have increased their skills and capability around innovation. It may be possible to convert this into a formal accreditation but this hasn’t been explored at this stage.
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Steve Bott 12/05/2017 - 15:07 Approved 1 comment

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